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General FAQs


A: You can retrieve your serial number instantly from our serial number lookup page.
A: Launch the application and click Register. Then enter your serial number and click Register again.
A: If you've followed the registration steps described here and your serial number is still not working, then please check the following:
  • If you're copy-pasting the serial number make sure there are no spaces at the start or end of the serial number
  • If you're entering the serial number by hand make sure all letters are uppercase
A: You can buy our applications conveniently and safely from our online webstore. You will then be sent a serial number that you can activate as described here.
A: You can download our applications from the main page. Move the mouse over an application and then choose Download.
A: Usually the purchase order email is sent within minutes after a successful purchase. If you haven't received your purchase order email please try one of the following:
  • Check your spam/junk mail folder. Strict junk filters may mistake the purchase order for spam email so please check your junk mail for the purchase order email.
  • Wait for half an hour. For various technical reasons it could take a bit longer than usual for the email to arrive, so sometimes the best thing to do is wait for a short while.
  • Look up your serial number. If you're only missing the serial number (instead of the order confirmation) you can retrieve it from our serial number lookup page.
  • Contact us. If the purchase order email is neither in your spam folder and even resending it doesn't work then please get in touch with us and we'll have it sorted out for your in no time.
A: Our applications are not physically shipped. After your purchase we will send you a serial number that you can register as described here.
A: You can pay safely and conveniently with all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard and Amex) and PayPal. Visit store now.
A: Yes, you can try out our apps 14 days for free and without any restrictions.
A: We discontinued Thoughts in September 2016 because we could no longer support its development with our small team.