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MainMenu FAQs


A: MainMenu standard edition gives you a set of powerful tools to clean up your home folder, manage external disks, optimize your workspace and uncover your Mac's secret settings. For that extra edge, the pro version offers power users full access to system maintenance: from running periodic maintenance scripts over managing all disks to cleaning system caches.

If you're upgrading from version 2 and want to keep all features then go for the pro version.

For details on which features are included in which edition see the comparison table.
A: MainMenu 3 adds a number of popular requested features that we think you'll find are worth the upgrade:

  • Overlay menu that offers convenient access to tasks, and is itself conveniently available via a hot key
  • Archive Desktop that helps you clean up cluttered Desktops in a single mouse click
  • Multiple custom tasks so you can organize your maintenance tasks more flexibly
  • Run more than one task at once thanks to the new task queue
  • New fine-tuning tasks such as setting the screenshot format and disabling screenshot shadows

Please see the MainMenu website for a full feature list.
A: Yes, discounts are available when upgrading to the standard edition and the pro edition.

Please note that upgrading requires a valid MainMenu 2 serial number.
A: Yes, a discount is available if you want to upgrade from the standard edition to the pro edition.

Please note that upgrading requires a valid MainMenu 3 standard edition serial number.
A: If you purchased MainMenu 2 after February 1st, 2011 you're entitled to a free upgrade. Please contact us with your serial number and we'll send you your new serial number.
A: To hide the Dock icon, choose MainMenu > Preferences and click General. Then select "Hide Dock icon" and restart the application.
A: With its App Store, Apple offers Mac OS X users a great way to buy and manage software. However, Apple prohibits software in the App Store to run system maintenance tasks such as cleaning the system cache.

MainMenu standard edition was designed for those users that prefer to buy software via the Mac App Store and that don't need the system maintenance tasks. Get MainMenu from the App Store.

Unsure whether to get the standard or pro edition? Check out the comparison table.
A: Securely erasing the free space on your disk involves first filling up all free space on your disk and then securely deleting the filled up space.

You can safely discard this warning and wait until MainMenu has completed this task.
A: If you get an error message saying that MainMenu will quit because it's security has been breached, then the most likely explanation is that you used an application or system tool that trims or otherwise modifies applications.

Applications known to cause this problem include Monolingual and Xslimmer.

To protect your system, MainMenu does not allow itself to be trimmed or otherwise modified by other applications.

To prevent this error message from appearing, we recommend that when you run these applications you tell them not to modify MainMenu.
A: To uninstall MainMenu: first quit MainMenu, then move the file to your Trash.

In case you had "Keep authorized" ticked in the preferences you may also want to delete the following folder in your home folder: Library > Application Support > MainMenu.